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Power sector

Automation has become an integral part in power sector to improve performance through dependable and predictable operations. Power plant automation solutions are used for automating turbine control, boiler control, boiler protection, the balance of the plant, and integration of third-party systems with the help of predictive maintenance and connectivity through the Internet.

Boilers are used for generation of steam which requires inspection after specific time intervals. In Earlier days this inspection and monitoring used to be done by human workers. But there are number of possibilities of errors by human workers while measuring particular values in boiler operation process. We provide our customers reliable monitoring and control systems to make it accurate and error free which helps in maximising profit. We provide these monitoring systems which will give boiler temperature, pressure and water level using different sensors and the corresponding output is given to the PLC/DCS which controls the operations.

PLC and SCADA systems help in reducing human errors and also monitor, control and record all parameters of boiler.
Boiler and turbine are closely linked, it includes controlling and monitoring. Turbine control systems control the flow to steam turbines using turbine throttles, governors, and control valves. Control systems prevent dangerous operating conditions using set-point controls, and open and closed-loop control. Steam turbine control systems include steam turbine automatic startup and protection, speed/load control, and servo valve control. It also consists of speed regulation, blade positioning and control.
We have completed boiler and turbine automation in oil & gas, power plants, petrochemical complex, distillery and agriculture/sugar sector.


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