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Agricultural Industry

In agricultural sector there are basically two sections. ie, agro product processing and agro product production. We provide our customers temperature and humidity monitoring and control sets in greenhouse and poly house. And also able to fulfil customer requirements of monitoring and controlling in agri product production.

Sugar processing is an part of agriculture sector which requires precise control and continuous reliability, especially during seasonal production cycles. We help in independent production processes monitoring and control with a distributed control system that provides a single interface to control production. We do automation in various processes like Cane feeding system, mill automation, Boiling house, boiler automation, turbine automation, batch and continuous PAN automation and BOP.

We help you to do energy saving, from reusing centrifuge braking energy to replacing cane mill steam turbines with variable speed drives and induction motors. Along with energy savings, these solutions reduce maintenance costs, improve availability and provide precise speed control.

We are one of the leaders in such automation projects from the past 13 years.


We are professional and reliable provider since we offer customers the most powerful and beautiful themes. Besides, we always catch the latest technology and adapt to follow world’s new trends to deliver the best themes to the market.